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Bill Bachman Lesson Series: Paradiddle Workout

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Paradiddle Lesson/Play Along Workout from Bill Bachman’s

Here’s a lesson and “drumworkout” on the paradiddles from Bill Bachman’s site (which is entirely free for you to sample all this week and this week only!) The paradiddle is rudiment #18 in Bill’s “44 Modern Rudiments You Need To Know” series. This lesson covers the technique necessary to play them as relaxed and smoothly as possible at all tempos and the workout will take you from one extreme to the other. If you want greater dynamic contrast, flow and speed with your paradiddles, this is the ticket! Head over to to check out days worth of other lessons & workouts!

Want better hand technique for greater facility, speed, endurance, groove, and musical expression? Then head over to – In addition to plenty of lessons, there are hours of actual play-along workouts with instruction and coaching by Bill Bachman, world-renowned hand technique expert, drum clinician, and author of Modern Drummer Publishing’s Stick Technique: The Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer.

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